More podcast ketchup (!): Kiran, Mystic Girl in the City & Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Let me start by saying that according to the 9 Star Ki, an ancient Chinese elemental astrology that I love, I am in a Yang Wood year. This means that life is fast, full and furious. It often feels like a gale force wind is blowing me forward and I can’t seem to stay on top of everything I’m meant to do. It also means I have to prioritize self-care or I won’t be able to maintain the pace, or do my work. (Energy work means extra self-care is required to avoid quick burn out).

I have lots of words floating around inside that want to – need to – come out and I’m hoping they’ll land here soon. But if you’re wanting to stay more in touch, the podcast is my audio blog right now. As I juggle my daughter’s fall break (which will roll quickly into the holidays!), my husband’s travel schedule, my client work and the rest of my business, this space might continue to be quieter than normal.

So please join me on the podcast. 

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This week I talk with spiritual teacher Kiran, from Mystic Girl in the City. I’ve known Kiran for over 20 years and have watched her amazing journey with my mouth hanging wide open. In today’s conversation she shares some of her story, talks about why reaching enlightenment isn’t all it’s made out to be and how to find peace and freedom NOW.

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Last week I had a deep and spicy conversation with relationship and sex coach Michele Lisenbury Christensen about deepening love, discovering and following your desires (in all areas of your life), and steps you can take right now to move toward the sex life of your dreams. Ohhhhhh yeah, baby!

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I’d love to know what you think of the show or how you’re doing as the seasons change. Leave a comment below or join me on Facebook.

Sending you wishes for cool breezes, cozy sweaters and sweet conversations.
with love,

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