Mantra Wednesday: Stay Curious

Stay curious

Last weekend I started to feel like I was fighting a cold again. My throat hurt, which is usually my first sign. I’ve been down with a bug each of the last three months, which is unusual and more than mildly frustrating.

After shaking my fist at the gods, I decided it would be more helpful to get curious about why I might be feeling run down again (aside from the obvious science of certain germs in my system).

I sat down, tuned in and asked my body what was going on. Three messages came through loud and clear:

1. More planned down time (especially after doing really big energy work)
2. See the magician (the doctor who helped me turn my health around 4 years ago)
3. No sugar (after 2+ years of being super strict, I’ve let myself have some and my body is not happy about it)

My frustration turned into a plan of action.

Still, I need to remain curious around all of it. How do I plan for down time when I’m not sure in advance what my clients will be bringing me? What kind of down time feels the most nurturing? Can I still eat my homemade granola, sweetened with a little honey?

Staying curious has helped me in other areas this week:

A woman posted a “pet peeve” in an online group that seemed like a direct judgment of my work (though I’m quite sure she wasn’t addressing it to me). My first thought was defensive but I was quickly able to shift to wondering what made her so sensitive to this topic? That curiosity diffused my need to defend my position and allowed room for our different points of view.

Someone on Facebook posted a “let’s not judge each other” rant in a very judgmental and shaming way. After hiding him from my feed and sitting with my emotions around it, I got curious. What was it about this person’s experience that made him act this way?

Then there’s the Twitter firestorm around the new @POTUS account. (Don’t hate the haters Alana. Stay curious.)

And the invitation to a meeting I don’t want to take (Why is the urge to say No so strong?)

And the feeling of sadness around a fading friendship that has haunted me for years (Why am I still hanging on?)

Staying curious helps me navigate my life, step outside of judgment and be open to surprises. It lets me drop unhelpful stories, release attachments to specific outcomes and timelines, worry less and hand it over more. It helps me to remember that I don’t have all the answers, and that’s exactly how it’s meant to be.

Will you stay curious with me this week?

I’d love to hear how it goes.

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  1. Roos says:

    Sending you love! Feel better soon!!

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