Mantra Wednesday: Be the Light

Be the light

There is so much darkness. Within us and in the world. Darkness is to be respected, seen, honored. It serves a purpose, though sometimes it’s impossible to understand.

We need the darkness in order to appreciate the light. We need the light to illuminate the shadow so we can stop being so afraid of it.

You ARE the light. Shine brightly. Send it out from the core of your being into the world.

Be the light in the way you love your friends, your family, your enemy. Be the lighthouse for those who are lost. Let your inner beam guide the way for those who are walking a few steps behind you.

This doesn’t mean being perfect. It doesn’t mean showing only the bright, shiny side of yourself to the world.

It means being you – the best you you can be in each and every moment.

The best you is the one who stops in the middle of yelling at your kids, takes a deep breath and starts the sentence again, maybe with an apology.

The best you is the one who cries when your heart is broken and laughs when you’re delighted, without judging either one.

The best you is the one who believes you have something to offer the world, even if you’re not exactly sure what it is (and even if no one pays you for it).

Part of being the light is seeing the light in others and reflecting it back to them so they can see it for themselves. Do that too. Let them see it in your eyes, your smile, your kindness.

Be the light this week. Feet on the ground, heart open, head held high.

Be the light by being YOU, not some version of you someone else wants you to be.

If you’d like a soundtrack for this mantra, here is a song I love, by Aykanna. Dance with me!

(If you’re reading this via email, click through the title to see the video)

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