Mantra Mon(wednes)day: Don’t Stop Believing

Don't stop believing

Is the song stuck in your head yet? It’s on repeat in mine. You’re welcome.

Dreams really do come true.

They don’t always look exactly the way we imagine (sometimes they do). We often can’t predict the timeline. But when you ask for what’s in line with your heart, your soul, and your best self, magic happens.

Two years ago I made a wish. After finishing the 50 Transformation Talk interviews I said out loud to several people (and quietly to the universe) I wish someone would hire me to interview people. But I didn’t know how to make that happen so I moved on with other aspects of my business and let it go.

At the end of June I got an email from a company looking for a podcast host. When I first read it, I didn’t believe it was real. Then I Googled the owner of the company and realized just how real it was.

My first podcast went live Monday. I’m in the midst of a new learning curve and it’s pushing the edges of my comfort zone. It’s exciting and incredibly vulnerable.

And I keep saying thank you.

Because even though in my day to day life I forgot about this particular wish, it was there in my heart and the back of my mind.

You don’t always need a vision board. You don’t need to visualize your dream coming true every day (though you can if you want). You don’t need to act as if or project yourself five years into the future or follow the “rules” of manifestation. None of those are bad – in fact they can be useful and fun if done with great joy. They’re just not absolutely necessary.

Make the choice to live with integrity. Do your best to know, accept and like yourself. Step away from drama. Have fun as often as possible. Practice believing in your own worthiness and potential. Ask for what you want then enjoy what you have.

This week when doubt creeps in, when you’re tired and the judgmental voice in your head gets louder because your defenses are down, when you wonder if you really are enough, break out some Journey (or whatever makes you feel good), have a dance party and see if you can find that place of belief, even for a moment, that everything really is going to be okay.

P.S. You can listen to the podcast here. Eventually it will be available on iTunes – I will be sure to let you know.

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