Mantra Monday: Word of the Year

Word of the year

A number of years ago I decided that resolutions were an exercise in futility and yearly goals were a perfect reason to beat myself up. I gave them up and began choosing a word of the year. That word became a wish, a hope, an intention, a theme that I wanted to walk in the middle of for those 365 days.

Words like Allow and Ease, Celebrate, Create and 2014’s Home.

This year I’ve had two words knocking at my inner door and neither has come out a clear winner. Because I’m not a fan of having to do things one way, I’m inviting both of them to play.


2015 will be my 3 year in the elemental system of the 9 Star Ki. This is a year of growth, change, action and possible overwhelm. Moving my body will be essential to maintaining my sense of inner balance. My hope is that this will also be a year of magical movement in my business. And my intention is to move others with my words and my work so that they might live their best lives. Yes. Move! Bring it on.


I want to feel delighted this year. With my family, in my friendships, with my clients, sitting at the computer or staring out at the ocean. I want this to be the feeling I wake with and the one I end my day with. I want to be bowled over by the beauty and mystery of this world. I want to pause and drink in the delight on my daughter’s face when it appears. I want to appreciate delight, savor it, instead of running over it to the next moment. Deep breath. Delight. This is going to be good.

Move & Delight. These two words will be my guides for 2015, the mantras that run constantly through my mind (along with Trust – my mantra for life).

And you? Do you choose a word for the year or do you have a different practice? I’d love for you to share whatever you do in the comments.

May your year be one of ease, worthy of celebration and filled with delight.


P.S. If you’re wanting to choose a word but still waiting to find the right one, here’s a lovely list from Vivienne McMaster to begin with. 

P.P.S. I have several soul mantra necklaces from Liz Lamoreux but I think this year I’m going to order one of these beauties. Drool. 

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4 Responses to Mantra Monday: Word of the Year

  1. Mary Ellington says:

    My word kind of fell into my lap – threshold.
    I am spending a lot of time thinking about it.
    Even painted my front door turquoise which I’ve been threatening to do for 6 months. It feels very inviting, even tho, I seldom enter that way.

    • Alana says:

      Oh I love that Mary! The word and the fact that you painted your door turquoise. It’s especially good if you don’t use it much – it will help draw in that energy you want! I can’t wait to see what the year brings for you.

  2. Roos says:

    Thank you for writing this! You make this a wonderful reminder every year to pick a word. And the one word that immediately pops up is FREEDOM!
    Freedom to think, freedom to breathe and freedom to be whoever I already am.

  3. Doris says:

    My first word, the one that dawned on me during December is Trust. Trust in myself, in the world, the light, in being carried, in people, in general. Trust.

    I have a feeling that a second word will come along though, more active, more a pointer to do things, to move. I trust that it will present itself when its time 🙂

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