Mantra Monday: Word of the Year, revisited

Willing to receive

Last weekend I wrote the following in my news(love)letter:

Sometimes I sense the universe lovingly laughing at me.

Monday on the blog I shared my two new words of the year. I also wrote that neither of them seemed the clear winner so I was choosing them both. 

Tuesday my friend Liz Lamoreux shared her word of the year with me and a little internal bell went off. 

Thursday I went for a walk along the ocean, listening to Wayne Dyer’s book Wishes Fulfilled on Audible. As I turned to head home I stopped in my tracks and laughed. My word of the year was suddenly, brilliantly, clear. 

It was a word I’d been hearing for months but had been resisting. It was a word that felt selfish, greedy and uncomfortable to claim. A word that could be misinterpreted or seen in an unfavorable light. 


I feel a twinge as I write it, wondering what you’ll think when you read it. But I know the power of this word and now that I’ve seen it clearly, it won’t be ignored.

You see, I’ve received much in my life but it always makes me feel guilty. Or like I need to keep score in my head to make sure I give just a little bit more back. Receive and I have a long, slightly sordid history. I can tell it’s time to start unpacking the stories and letting them go. Because my belief is that when we learn to receive without strings, we are able to give without them too. 


Consider today’s post a reminder that it’s okay to change your mind. That finding the words, affirmations, mantras (and people) that work for you is a process. That it doesn’t matter what others think of your choices as long as you are standing in your integrity.

If you have a word, intention, feeling or color of the year, I invite you to spend time this week really exploring it. And if you haven’t chosen one, but think you might like to, there’s no time like now.

Wishing you a week of receiving, giving and dreams-come-true.

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2 Responses to Mantra Monday: Word of the Year, revisited

  1. pamela says:

    You deserve every bit of loveliness you receive!! xoxo

  2. I know what you mean about receiving and how hard it is to do so. I have also had problems with this and am having to learn how to receive help and not feel selfish or guilty about it. But I would rather be this type of person than the ones who receive so easily they are basically nothing but takers. I hope that makes sense. And you certainly deserve to receive!

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