Mantra Monday: What would love do?

What woud Love do?

This is the question I ask myself when:

~ my feelings are hurt and I want to turn away.

~ I’m hoping that someone else will make the first move.

~ I’m driving somewhere (in a hurry) and am presented with a choice that would slow me down.

~ all I want is for my child to get ready for school/get ready for bed/do her homework/pick up her room/practice her piano/let me go to the bathroom alone…

~ one of my animals wants attention and I’m busy, busy, busy. (This sentence brought to you courtesy of the purring cat in my lap. Love wanted me to stop typing and pet him. This pleased kitty very much.)

Replace Love with something else if you want to. Trust. Peace. Compassion. Joy. Hope.

It seems a worthy companion in this season of emotional triggers, full parking lots, short tempers and long lines.

What would Love do in this moment? Now what will you do?

P.S. This is not to be used as a battering ram. If you can’t or don’t want to do what Love would do, then don’t. The simple act of asking the question puts space between the situation and your habitual reaction. Space creates awareness. Awareness brings consciousness. Taking conscious action (even if it’s not exactly what Love would do but it’s the best you can do) is a gift to yourself and the world.

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