Mantra Monday: There is enough time

photo(84)Three years ago I went to a retreat in Ojai run by a wonderful channel I know, Nora Herold and her long-time friend and fellow channel Wendy Kennedy. While channeling is definitely out there in woo-woo land and there are people with mixed feelings about it, speaking with Nora helped me release the overpowering and intense fear I had of my daughter dying in the months after Ben’s stillbirth. I trust her, deeply.

I don’t remember what we were talking about at the retreat when the topic of time came up. Someone asked what to do when it feels like time is racing and there’s not enough of it. Her answer was to slow down.

I remember thinking Slow down? Really? At the same time I felt the truth in the simplicity of her words.

When we race internally, the world matches our pace. When we slow down, breathe and press pause on the insanity, space opens up as if by magic.

When I’m rushing to get my daughter out the door for school, 5 minutes passes in a blink. When I stay calm and centered, 2 minutes is more than enough to move us along.

As I start my week and look at what I’d like to get done (and everything on my plate from last week that remains unfinished) I’m letting go of this urge to rush, this nagging feeling of falling behind. Would you like to join me? Because rushing + feeling behind = yuck.

Breathe. Slow down. Repeat as necessary: There is enough time. There is enough time. There is enough time.

And the stuff that doesn’t get done? Well there’s enough time for that too…eventually. Unless it’s not as important as you think it is. Maybe it’s actually time to let it go instead.


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