Mantra Monday: Say Yes


Today I am nursing a cold, packing for an overseas trip and prepping our house to be lived in by someone else while we’re gone. This week is full and I know I need to continue to rest so I’m healthy by the time we leave. To keep the overwhelm at bay, I’m busy repeating some of my fave mantras: Breathe, Trust and There is enough time.

Because I know how serious I can get when under stress and how un-fun that is (especially for Ada, who is playful and light under almost all circumstances), I’m adding another mantra in, courtesy of my friend Liz Lamoreux, to help me stay present: Yes, to this moment.

Yes to having two extra kids here this morning before we head to camp.

Yes to this achy chest and the need for more rest than I had planned.

Yes to the packing and the planning and the figuring out what food to take so there will be something for Ada and I to eat on the long flights.

Yes to last night’s dishes still piled in the sink.

Yes to putting on music that I’d sing to if it didn’t hurt.

Yes to the full calendar and to finding the spaces in between.

Yes to my apprehension about sleeping sitting up and yes to staying right here, right now and trusting it will be okay.

Yes to gray skies, hot tea and extra Vitamin C.

Yes to finding the simple joys in the midst of it all.

What are you saying yes to today?

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