Mantra Monday: Let it go


At the risk of putting a certain very popular song from a certain very popular Disney movie in your head all week, this is the phrase that’s been bubbling up in me these last couple of days.

That feeling of failure when things don’t get done.
Let it go.

The memory that surfaces every so often and brings a flush of shame to your cheeks.
Let it go, even for just this moment.

That story that proves you’re not enough, not lovable, not worthy.
Let it go, again & again & again.

Too simple? Maybe.
Worth trying? Definitely.

Breathe. Let it go. Repeat as necessary, with a large dose of compassion and big helping of love.

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One Response to Mantra Monday: Let it go

  1. hilde says:

    I just decovered your site
    this is beautiful!!
    and ok, this week, I’ll let it go, instead of stressing around about all the things that should have been done..

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