Mantra Monday: Let it be simple

Let it be simple

For a number of reasons, I’m asking myself the following questions right now. I wondered if some of them might feel relevant for you too.

How do I want to spend my days? (And how do I want to feel as I live them?)

What are my priorities right now and are the choices I make in alignment with them?

What can I let go of to make space for those priorities and those desired feelings?

What mindset or self-talk needs to shift in order for my life to feel more spacious?

And inspired by Brittany Maynard’s deeply touching story (alongside so many others) I’m asking myself:

If I had a year (or less) to live, what would I do?

As I sit with these questions, the words dancing through my heart and mind are

Let It Be Simple

because gosh, we humans like to complicate things, don’t we?

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2 Responses to Mantra Monday: Let it be simple

  1. Yes, Alana, we certainly do like to complicate things! I love this…let it be simple. That’s what I want my life to be!

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