Mantra Monday: If I won the lottery…

Lottery dreams

If you won the lottery, what would you do today? How differently would you live your life?

There are the material things of course. You might spring for a wardrobe do-over, a new car or a long-dreamed-of holiday. You could finally pay off your debt and call the architect about your dream house.  But when it comes to your every day living, what would you change?

Would you quit your job? Start a business? Stay home with your kids? Launch a non-profit? Do more yoga?

I ask myself this question because it helps me see if I’m really, truly, honestly following my heart as I go about my day.

If you take the financial pressure off, even for 5 minutes, even if it’s only in your mind, what information does that give you?

There will always be things that we have to do and the chances of any of us winning millions in the lottery are slim, but the answers that come when we ask this question are their own version of gold.

If you’re brave enough to ask the question, what one simple, tiny thing can you do this week to live into the answer?

The lottery might be out of reach but your dreams don’t have to be.

Want accountability or someone to cheer you on? Post your big dream or your one tiny thing in the comments below.

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