Mantra Monday: I wonder…


This week let’s let go of knowing and open our minds and hearts to curiosity. Play along with me and see which wonderings speak to you. You’ll know by the little zing you feel as you read, or the sinking feeling, or the hit of fear, or the way your head begins to nod and your heart begins to pound.

I wonder what would happen if…

…I chose to trust him (or her) even though I’m not 100% sure it’s safe. (Do this because you know you’re strong enough to handle whatever happens).

…I dropped the story that makes me feel afraid (or sad, or victimized, or alone) just for a moment.

…I allowed myself to really feel that hunger (or pain or joy) instead of skating over the top of it or pretending it’s not there.

…I looked at the things I don’t like about myself with compassion instead of with judgment, even if it’s just for today.

…I gave without expectation of receiving in return (and I mean really, honestly, no expectations, no keeping score).

…I committed to being totally honest with myself (and those around me) for a day, or a week or a lifetime. (Note: this requires discernment and kindness and is not an excuse to be cruel).

…I picked up a pen or a camera, a paintbrush or a hammer and did that thing I’ve been thinking about forever (even if I do it horribly at first).

…I looked for the good in everyone today, especially those people who get under my skin. And if I can’t see the good, I wonder if I can find (or imagine) the story they are living that helps me understand why they are the way they are.

…I trusted that I am enough, I am loved and everything really is going to be okay.

Will you wonder with me this week? I hope so. If you do, please come back and tell me about it. I’d love to know where your wonderings take you.

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4 Responses to Mantra Monday: I wonder…

  1. This is so uplifting. It reminds me to not do the “what if” in a negative way that we all tend to do…but in a positive way. Some very interesting questions that I will be pondering. Really love this!

    • Alana says:

      Sheila, I am so glad this feels good to you. I’d love to hear what comes up for you as you sit with the questions.

      • I have to say the first thing that really hit me was trying to see the good in everyone and if they weren’t being nice, to try to understand why they were the way they were. I am going through this very situation with a friend who can be cruel at times and tough and I wonder how he got that way. What has happened to make him this way and it makes me a little more tolerant and compassionate towards him.

  2. Roos says:

    I’m finally daring to dream again. Realizing a project that has been on hold for over three years. Somehow the concept has matured and is ready to come out now. And the fact that I’m starting to work on it, shows me the wonderful side of ‘what if’!
    (of course I’ll keep you posted :-))

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