Mantra Monday: Feel the feeling

feel your feelings...
I’ve been sad the last few evenings, going to bed. I don’t know why. Last night after a fun evening out, the sadness sat squarely on my chest. I had the very normal, human reaction of wanting to figure out why.

Yes, that picture of a friend and her beautiful baby boy made my heart ache.
Yes, my husband travels a lot and under the busy-ness, there are days I feel alone.
Yes my daughter is suddenly 7, with long legs and hair past her waist and sometimes I really miss her, even though she’s right there.

Then I remembered that worrying about the why isn’t terribly helpful. I needed to create space to sit with the sadness and see if it had anything to say.

Make space for unplanned days.
Listen to music. Allow for silence. Light more candles.
Follow your heart, even especially when that feels impossible.

Ah…there it was. The voice of my soul.

Sometimes it’s sadness or hurt or anger that we push away. Sometimes it’s joy. This week, when you notice yourself dancing on top of something that makes you uncomfortable, see if you can pause, allow it to surface and listen to what it has to say.



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  1. sorrow says:

    I love the magic in my monday mailbox! 🙂

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