Mantra Monday: Expect Miracles

expect miracles


Most of us wake up in the morning with some sense of it being another day in the blur of our days, where the past will repeat itself and things will look pretty much like they have many times before.

Many of us have days where we wake up eager and excited, often due to the anticipation of a special event. Some of us wake up with exhaustion, resignation, even dread.

But what if, on a regular day, with nothing out of the ordinary planned, we decided to wake up expecting miracles?

What if we spent the day believing that magic was right around the corner?

What if we allowed ourselves to see miracles everywhere?

After all, you are a walking miracle. If you’ve ever watched a documentary on what it takes to go from conception to birth, you’ll have seen images of a miracle taking place. If you’ve suffered miscarriage, stillbirth or experienced the death of someone far too young, you’ll understand on a visceral level that you, reading this, taking a breath qualifies as a full blown miracle.

I think we forget this.

I think we close our eyes to the miracles that surround us every day. The grace of a butterfly’s flight. The perfection of a single snowflake. The colors of the sky at sunset.

I have found that once you start looking for – and seeing – miracles around you, they begin to multiply.

And that brings deep gratitude and delight. 

This week, as an experiment, get out of bed expecting miracles. Every day. Make a note of every miracle you witness. Write it down if you can. Redefine the word if you need to. (Sometimes a great parking spot can feel as miraculous as changing water into wine.)

Have fun with this. Let yourself be delighted. Share your findings here, on Facebook, or with your friends. We can all use more stories of miracles in our lives.

See yourself as the miracle you are.


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