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It’s been two months – two months – since my last post. The weeks have been full. A delicate juggling act that looked something akin to me standing at the edge of a cliff in pointe shoes balancing spinning plates on my nose and twirling a fire hoop in each  hand.

The tele-retreat was amazing. (Thank you to the beautiful souls who participated). I listen more than I talk in my work so hearing my voice fill more than an hour each week pushed me way outside my comfort zone. I can’t wait to do it again. I facilitated a retreat for mamas and their teen daughters. My heart opened wide watching the magic of connection and re-connection, and imagining myself and Ada 10 years down the road.

I fell into tailspins, got sucker-punched by grief on Mother’s Day and enjoyed visits with the Not-Good-Enough Fairy. Life has been kind enough to show me exactly where I have room to grow. It’s also handed me beautiful opportunities to step out of the muck, lean into trust and watch miracles happen. I’ve spent time wishing things were different and loving them exactly as they are (often in the same breath).

There is an energy on the planet that is shaking things up for a lot of us – bringing old demons to the surface so we can let them go, and reminding us our hearts and souls need daily care. We are being challenged and we are being called to step forward, to play big, to shine.

I’m feeling the pull – the desire to serve, to create, to play on a deeper level. Sometimes it comes from so many angles I am paralyzed. Sometimes it’s hard to sleep for the sheer joy of being alive. And so I open my heart, turn to my practices, listen to my intuition and make room for growth.

And you? What’s happening for you right now? I’d love to know.

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5 Responses to M.I.A.

  1. Christa says:

    There you are! And yes, as you know – I’ve been feeling all of that, too. I’m dreaming it all into being, and I’ve sure you are, too.

    I’ve decided to focus on the intuitive work and set up a framework for others to dive deep and find a way to listen to their voices, find their gifts, bring them to the world. It’s what we do, my friend, and I’m happy to do it alongside your beautiful self.

    Welcome back and thank you…


  2. So happy to hear your voice here again, Alana. Can’t wait to hear more of your stories and witness your serving/creating/playing unfold.

  3. Jessica M. says:

    Missed you! My rainbow Logan was born April 29th 🙂 Check out my blog for pics!!

  4. Roos says:

    Something ‘simple’ like a yoga head stand woke me up totally 🙂 (see my post of today) and I felt strrrrong instead of crumbled by fear and taken over by panic. After months it feels like I’ve landed on my feet again even though the world that I’m seeing still couldn’t be further removed from the one I wish I was in…
    And yes, so good to read you again!!

  5. pamela says:

    Hi there beautiful mama!!! I have missed your voice and am so grateful I did your retreat. Thank you for THIS today, this post, to be reminded that it’s all a lesson and that even if we fall off the cliff, it’s OK. Hugs to you!!

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