Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Racism in Today’s Culture with Desiree Adawa

Welcome to Season 2 of Create Your Magical Life! We’ll be talking to people who make life magical for others around them. It’s time to step up to a new reality of connectedness and love, and it must begin with our own awareness and understanding.

White privilege—what does that REALLY mean? Do you have diversity in your life and business? Do your social attitudes include the subtle tones of racism? We’ll dig deep into these difficult topics today.

My guest is Desiree Adaway, who is a master at leading conversations on race, class, and gender. As a consultant, coach, and strategic business professional, Desiree specializes in the challenges of organizational transitions and projects related to racial equality and social justice. As a person of color in America, she speaks truth with power about racism, oppression, privilege, and diversity.


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