*Important* If you’re reading this via email

This week we will be uploading to this website all of the podcasts that originally aired on WebTalkRadio. If you are signed up to receive blog posts via email (you are if this landed in your inbox) you’ll be getting an extra email from me over the next few days. It should just be one email per day with all the new posts. You can simply delete them or look through to see if there are any podcasts you’d like to catch up on. If anything goes awry and you receive more emails than planned, feel free to unsubscribe (link at the bottom of every email) and please accept my apologies.

with love,

P.S. I hope you’re taking care of yourself over there. The week since the US election has been intense. It’s by no means “business as usual” over here. I simply haven’t found the words to say what I want to say yet. Know that I will continue to stand for and act on behalf of love, equality, liberty and justice for all.

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