HerStory 2012


Life is why
We tell the story
Pain is why
We tell the story
Love is why
We tell the story
Grief is why
We tell the story
Hope is why
We tell the story
Faith is why
We tell the story
You are why
We tell the story
Why we tell the story
Why we tell the story
Why we tell the story

So I hope that you will tell this tale tomorrow
It will help your heart remember and relive
It will help you feel the anger and the sorrow
And forgive

For all the ones we leave
And we believe
Our lives become
The stories that we weave

Lyrics from the song We Tell the Story, from the musicalOnce On This Island.

Here is the story I told this past May at the HerStory 2012 event in Pasadena, CA. With special thanks to my friend Christa Gallopoulos of Carry It Forward for her lighthouse story (you can read her words here) and to my friend and Kundalini teacher Sat Nishan Kaur, for bringing her light into my world.

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3 Responses to HerStory 2012

  1. Roos says:

    Sat Nam.

    Amazing. Eye opening. Inspirational.

    As always!

  2. Oh, my beautiful friend. This is exquisite – exquisitely true, exquisitely light and exquisitely you. You are such a gift, to me, and to the world.

    Thank you. Namaste. Love.

  3. Sugar, your light is so bright, it shines through all the grimy build-up. Your light and your beauty comes from your core, and when you give words to it, something amazing happens. I am so glad to hear that you’ve resumed a relationship with your beloved dancing, and I hope you will continue to write because you spill words like none other. Seeing you – even if digitally – is a gift. I love you.

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