Health, Vitality and Limitless Freedom with Jane Del Piero

Some people seem to be born knowing what direction to go in life, while others wander a more roundabout path. Both are fine of course (though I think those of us on the “scenic route” often wish for more clarity along the way). The challenges for both types come when we attempt to make changes and when our lives feel stressful. At these times it’s a gift to find someone – a healer, a coach, a loved one, a trusted friend – who can support our wellness and our dreams. Today’s guest is one of those people. 

Jane Del Piero experienced stunning dreams as a child that catapulted her into her work with ancient healing traditions, and she’s been on a path of purpose ever since. She is an herbalist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist, sound healer, medicine woman, and modern-day shaman. Jane uses her training and experience from around the world as she helps her clients tap into health, vitality, and limitless freedom in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Join us for this conversation full of big ideas and practical tips to support your health & wellbeing.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Jane’s amazing story about her childhood dreams
  • How to let intuition be your guide
  • Jane’s sound healing work with musicians
  • Acupuncture: What it is and how it is helpful
  • Optimizing the energy of the body and finding balance
  • A combination of acupuncture and sound healing—-Acutonics
  • How Jane uses tuning forks, singing bowls, and gongs
  • Using calming music to combat disease
  • A simple technique to combat stress!
  • Shamanism: What it is and how it’s taught
  • Malevolent and benevolent forces
  • Plant spirit medicine explained
  • How to recognize authenticity: “Is this somebody that’s GOOD for me?”
  • Listening to the wisdom of your body
  • The cacao ceremony as a spiritual tool
  • Benefits of raw cacao
  • How Jane structures her work with clients
  • A simple, helpful tool to grow your self-confidence

Resources: (The Dance of the Deer Foundation)


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