Healing Energy Brings Deeper Consciousness with Deborah Stuart

Before diving into today’s interview, I share a few thoughts about summer and its potentially unrealistic expectations.  As summer gets into full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere, I hope you find yourself focusing on what’s important to you.

Did you have a favorite shape as a kid? Is there a certain shape or design that you find yourself unexplainably drawn to? Many geometric shapes have sacred meaning and energy—and that is part of our topic for today, alongside energy medicine & transformation. Are you intrigued?

My guest is Deborah Stuart, a longtime student of the metaphysical arts and sciences and a passionate pioneer in the field of energy medicine. Deborah has spent 20 years researching and developing subtle energy technologies, helping people achieve deeper states of meditation and higher states of consciousness. She is the co-founder of The Oxygen Research Institute and the founder and designer of High Chi jewelry. She strives to make pure, protective, and healing energy available to all. 

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How sacred geometry creates “power spot energy”
  • Power spots—It all comes down to gridlines.
  • The Flower of Life design
  • Healing energy can be measured using pendulums.
  • How the US military and Swiss Telecom have used these technologies
  • Negative vs. positive energy
  • Clothing and jewelry—the energy is THERE!
  • Twelve higher harmonics—What are they?
  • Dark energy—Have you FELT it?
  • Energy transformation
  • Ask for help!
  • Emotional literacy—it’s important!
  • Deborah’s techniques: “Feel and Flick” and “33 seconds”
  • High frequency energy in jewelry
  • Are you grounded?
  • It sounds crazy and magical, but IT WORKS!
  • Can you handle the energy?
  • “Resonant Shakedown”—What is it?
  • Think of ONE THING you can do today that makes you light up inside and brings you happiness, joy, and delight!

You can read the full show notes at http://www.alanasheeren.com


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