Grace is Available to Everyone; Roy Nelson on Addiction, Hope and Freedom

I’ve been thinking a lot about connection lately. Connection and community and how we need them like we need oxygen. We need someone to bear witness to our lives. We need to be there for each other. My hope is that we can continue to open our hearts, reach across a sea of difference and create a world community based on respect and love instead of fear.

Today’s show is about addiction, a struggle that so often stems from a lack of connection, from needs unfulfilled. Addiction can offer the illusion of connection but the destruction is deep, the hole tragically hard to climb out of. Some make it out, through moments of grace and a lot of hard work, but many do not. 

Roy Nelson has walked the path of childhood wounding, addiction, grace, and recovery. He is a transformational speaker, spiritual healer, and the creator of the Nelson Method of Addiction Treatment.  He specializes in working with addicts for whom every other method of recovery has failed. Roy is the author of Love Notes from Hell: Stories of Hopeless Addiction, Obsession and Freedom. Join us for this discussion of addiction, freedom, and what connection really means.

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