Follow the magic

Right now my life feels touched by magic, as though there are pixies dancing around me, sprinkling fairy dust in my path. The parking spot appears, the light turns green as I approach, the perfect gift lands in my path, the person with the one thing I need to hear shows up at a networking meeting or on my Facebook feed.

Life isn’t perfect. My desk is still piled high, I’m not writing as much as I want, and I ate too much for dinner tonight.

I’m grateful for it all. I’m learning to live in the middle of myself, knowing that when I am able to come to a place of deep acceptance, only then am I free to change. My heart aches, fear takes hold, jealousy creeps in. I watch them, knowing they are teachers and I am human – they are forever a part of my experience. I breathe, slowly, deeply. I find that place of stillness inside, that place of trust, and the magic unfolds.

Inhaling the fullness of the moon. Watching my daughter and mother cuddle, reveling in each other’s presence. Laughing at the sight of a rainbow touching the earth, knowing that is the pot of gold.


As we move from the darkness of the winter solstice into the dawn of a new year, I invite to watch for…to lean into…to follow the magic in your own life. Practice with me.

with love + gratitude,

P.S. Transformation Talk will return next week.

P.P.S. I’m looking back at 2012 and opening to 2013. For me that means choosing a new word, a new color, writing a mini-manifesto and spending time in a place of dreaming and visioning. Here are some wonderful resources if you’d like to think about doing the same:

Choosing a word with Liz Lamoreux
Choosing a color with Bridget Pilloud
Writing a mini-manifesto with Alexandra Franzen

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3 Responses to Follow the magic

  1. Roos says:

    Unknowingly I discovered some magic today. Shouldn’t it be your word for 2013 Alana?!

  2. illuminary says:

    During my days and weeks of aloneness, I have seen and felt that magic, and have also come to the place of acceptance, that It is as transient as all living. That the ebb and flow of my life is magic , even in the dark places.
    When I looked in the mirror this morning and said ” I love you” I wondered if it had been a 1,000 days.
    and I decided that I want to start a new practice..
    so thank you, for gifts, one and two.

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