Don’t shine too brightly
the voice said.
Bad things happen.

I didn’t listen,
Tossed my hair,
Didn’t want to believe.

That’s why…
unwanted touch
That’s why…
abandoned by friends
That’s why…
love didn’t last.

Stay small
(it’s safer that way)

Don’t be too much
(invisible is fine)

Don’t feel too deeply
(you cry a lot)

Don’t move too fast
(life is hard)

Then he was born
without breath.

Everything changed.

And I realized
The voice –
pretending to love me –

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3 Responses to Don’t…

  1. Roos says:

    Simply beautiful. Your light shines across the ocean!

  2. illuminary says:

    so very raw, and real.. Thank you

  3. Annie says:

    Such a visual description of the critic / the voice that lives in each of our heads…
    This rings so true, so recognizable.
    Thank you.

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