Create Your Magical Life – The Language of Color, with Bridget Pilloud

Interior designers, Feng Shui practitioners, wardrobe stylists and marketing geniuses use color to influence our experience of a person, place or product. Color is also related to light, vibration and the human energy (chakra) system. Many of us use color unconsciously to reflect or lift our mood. Writer, designer and intuitive Bridget Pilloud believes that color can powerfully support us in our lives and bring us valuable messages if we pay attention. In this show she guides you in choosing a “color of the year”, explains the meanings and associations of different colors, and shares how to deepen your relationship to the language of color.

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Also in this show, Ylara Khalsa owner and creator of Flower of Life Blends talks about her passion for aromatherapy, what she’s learned from farming her land and the magical effects of her essential oil formulations. Find her online at

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