Breathing deeply

We spent time today with friends whose son died two years ago October at 28 weeks. I don’t think we had seen them since. I sent flowers and then didn’t know what to say, even though I thought of them often. We met their rainbow baby today – she is beautiful of course and looks just like her big brother.

Being with another baby lost mama was like suddenly being able to breathe more deeply, without realizing I was ever struggling for air. It is a remarkable bond, this shared experience. One that happens for too many of us. One I wouldn’t wish on anyone but I’m grateful for nonetheless.

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2 Responses to Breathing deeply

  1. Jessica M. says:

    While I would never wish this loss on someone I do wish I had someone nearby that I could meet every now and then that totally understood this grief. I am glad that you go to do that, that you got to breathe more deeply if even for such a short time. (((hugs)))

  2. cindy maynard says:

    Indeed, this is the club no one wants to join. I’ve also found it to be where I’ve made my real best friends. These are the friends who will always know that his name is Benjamin and he is your son and he is real.

    Love and light to you on this journey.

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