Beauty and goodness

Today I’m sharing inspiration, beauty and goodness from around the web. I needed some. I wondered if you might too.

Have you seen Kristin Noelle’s new Trust Tending and the Internet? It’s full of love, encouragement and adorable sketches. Download (it’s f*ree!) here.

Siany is the face of Spirit of the Blog, a site dedicated to helping healing practitioners market themselves on the web, and one of my personal angels on earth. She took the “cave bag” idea from the Picking Up the Pieces guide, and ran with it. So fun.

I have recently fallen in love with Eric Klein’s words and sketches over at Wisdom Heart. His newsletters always reach deep into my soul. They are practical, funny and wise. I highly recommend.

Jen Louden’s latest post made me stand up and do a little “Amen” dance. I have more to say about that, but I’ll save it for another post.

Amy Oscar inspires me. Always. This post in particular. Notice a theme here?

Wishing you a day of deep connection and divine inspiration. 

With so much love,



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One Response to Beauty and goodness

  1. Christa says:

    Thanks for this, Alana. I have to second your thoughts on Kristin’s new ebook – it’s amazing! And Jen and Amy are old friends, too – off to check out Siany and Eric now!

    XOXO to you…

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