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Replay: Healthy Boundaries for Kind People with Randi Buckley

Do you struggle with building solid friendships? Do you find it difficult to say “no”, even when you really want to? Have you ever been told that you’re just “too nice”?

Having strong, healthy boundaries is key to living a magical life but traditional boundary advice can be hard to stick to when you’re a very kind person. Continue reading

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Replay: Straight Talk on Energy Healing & Intuition with Megan Potter

What is energy? (And I don’t mean what you remember from high school science!) How about intuition? Does EVERYONE have it? How do you use it in your daily life? Is it possible to stay grounded when life is a steady stream of curve balls? Can you really stay balanced amid the ups and downs? Today’s guest answers these questions beautifully. She also gives helpful tips about finding the right energy healer and how understanding the Chinese five elements can help you celebrate your strengths and find compassion for your weaknesses. Continue reading

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2 Women, 2 Non-Profits, 2 Messages of Change & Hope with Sonya Passi and Christa Gallopoulos

Have you found your passion? Do you feel like you make a difference? Do you know what sets you on fire and lights you up inside?

Each of us yearns to be useful, important, and relevant. We all have a unique spark—a gift to share with the world. Your gift can be shared in your circle of family and friends, or on a world stage. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. What matters is how YOU feel. My two guests for this episode have each found their spark, their gift, and their purpose—and I’m delighted to introduce them to you. I ask that you do more than listen with your ears; I ask that you listen with your heart. Listen for inspiration, for motivation, for those quiet inner whispers guiding you on your own personal journey. Continue reading

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Plants and Herbs to Heal and Restore Your Skin with Adam Klaus and Phoebe Stewart

Have you given much thought to the skin care products you use and where they come from? How about the items in your medicine cabinet? Are they safe? Are they healthy and nourishing? Awareness is rising about the toxic chemicals in many products that we use regularly in and on our bodies. Herbal products are becoming more popular, but how can you know if they’re safe and effective? Continue reading

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Become a Better You to be a Better Parent with Kate Anthony

As parents, we all have our own “stuff” to deal with – our wounds and habits and emotional triggers, many of which are due to our own upbringing. Of course, we all want to be great parents and not damage our kids. We are all doing the best we can in the moment. Sometimes we just need a little help, a little direction, and a little reassurance that our kids will turn out OK in spite of us. Honestly, most of us have some personal work to do to get to a better parenting place. That’s where today’s guest steps in. Continue reading

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Healing Energy Brings Deeper Consciousness with Deborah Stuart

Did you have a favorite shape as a kid? Is there a certain shape or design that you find yourself unexplainably drawn to? Many geometric shapes have sacred meaning and energy—and that is part of our topic for today, alongside energy medicine & transformation. Are you intrigued? Continue reading

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The Magical, Soul-Elevating Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Welcome! My guest today is Sat Nishan Kaur, a singer, musician, Reiki master, dear friend, and my Kundalini yoga teacher. In this show, I share some personal thoughts on legacy and how Nia, Reiki, and Kundalini yoga became a big part of my life and my spirituality. Then Sat Nishan and I discuss this unusual form of yoga and its magical, soul-elevating benefits.  Join us! Continue reading

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Healing Your Soul Through EFT with Gary Craig

Are you familiar with EFT or “tapping”? Chances are, if you know much about the world of personal development, then you’ve heard something about Emotional Freedom Technique. Introduced to the world in the 1990’s, EFT has positively impacted millions of people with astonishing results. Most of us have dealt with phobias, childhood traumas, anxieties and fears, PTSD, or other emotional issues. All of these can be greatly improved—and even permanently healed– using EFT. Are you curious about how it works? Continue reading

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