A year of transformation

I had no idea what I was signing up for when I decided to record a weekly interview for a full year. It was a ton more work than I bargained for. There were moments of frustration and tears, weeks when I stayed up late on a Wednesday night editing Thursday’s interview, and at one point this spring I almost gave up.

But I didn’t.

Because my heart opened wider with every interview I did and I knew that someone, somewhere, needed to hear what these phenomenal men and women had to say.

I was blown away by my guests and how willing they were to tell their stories. Some of them were sharing intimate details publicly for the first time. Of the people I invited to be a part of Transformation Talk, two didn’t respond to my request, one had to say no (after saying yes) for personal reasons, and three people had scheduling difficulties so we never recorded. I had a fear of the no when I started and was deeply honored that so many said yes.

Over the course of the year I noticed that:

~ I said “wow” a lot. And “beautiful”. I meant it every time.
~ I was moved to tears often, even though I’d heard some of these stories before.
~ I need better lighting in my office.
~ I wish I’d been more aware of how we’d look in split screen when I first started. It took me a while to figure that out (Here’s a great interview prep list from Alexandra Franzen).
~ I wished I’d had a scheduler and editor on staff (but it was all me).
~ Sometimes, even when you pray to the Skype gods, technology doesn’t work the way you want it to.
~ I always got nervous before the interview aired, hoping the other person would like it. Only once did someone ask to re-record.
~ I could ask people questions about their personal journeys and inner terrain all day.
~ Saying yes to this idea changed me. Perhaps soon I’ll be able to articulate exactly how.

There are a ton of people I want to interview who don’t fit the specific model I set up and there are others I just didn’t get to. So there may be more interviews in my future. ~grin~

In the meantime, I’m gearing up to do things a little differently this fall (more on that soon) and I hope you’ll catch up on all the Transformation Talk interviews you missed. Just click on the Transformation Talk category in the right sidebar and it will pull them all up for you.

Sending you love as you live your own transformation.


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2 Responses to A year of transformation

  1. sorrow says:

    I honestly didn’t watch them all.
    I would listen for the first few minutes, and if it caught me, then I would wait patiently for the entire thing to load, or on days when the web was slow, get the audio and listen.
    The ones that I did listen to, touched me, and touched me deeply.
    What you have done, is create a space not only for stories, but for a sharing that changes with each person who listens. Thank you, so very much for all your hard work, for reaching/stretching and being willing to give this to us. We are blessed for your efforts, and i am filled with gratitude for the beauty of your giving.
    thank you, a million times…

    • Alana says:

      Thank you, Sorrow, for taking the time to watch (or listen) to those that called to you. It blows me away that you did so with dial-up internet. (!) I was always glad to see your gentle words in the comments. Much love to you.

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