9 months

There has been sadness the last few days, as often seems to happen just before the 29th of the month. At various moments I have felt overwhelmed, grief-stricken, angry, raw, panicked, frustrated and scared. I could write about the friend I am missing, Ada’s plan to make a baby out of mardi gras beads, or my sense of inadequacy about being the parent I want to be right now. I won’t though, not tonight. Instead I will follow in Pamela’s footsteps, and Lindsey’s (two gorgeous writers and wonderful women) and take a moment to share some of what brings me great joy.

I’ve been making an effort to read again – stolen moments that add up to me feeling more whole.

Dancing. For at least 4 minutes a day I put on some music and let my body move the way it wants to. Sometimes it’s a dance party. Sometimes I am on my own. Either way, my creativity is soaring, inspiration is flowing and both my body and I are happier.

Working with the one and only Dyana Valentine. I am excited, motivated and feeling 100% in alignment with the projects I’ve begun. They are big and juicy and I can’t wait to share them with the world.

Dry brushing. Seriously. Every morning. I’ve had a dry brush for years and never used it. A month or two ago, I thought Why not? It’s supposed to be good for detoxifying and getting rid of cellulite. I’m hooked.

The sound of the ocean. The stars in the night sky. The magical deep blue highlighting the palm trees just before dark. The warm sun on my skin and sand between my toes.

Tonight’s sunset and Ada’s farewell song.

The latest dog walking outfit.

Good friends. Supportive words written here, in emails and spoken on the phone. A patient, funny husband who loves me well.

9 months ago our son died. Today I smile through my tears. Everywhere I look, if I look hard enough, there is joy.

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6 Responses to 9 months

  1. You are amazing. Sending you light and love. : )

  2. Stereo says:

    Darling Alana. You continue to inspire me. I love you and your positivity. Love today and always.

  3. Roos says:

    Wishing you strenght to keep on looking for joy every single day. Because on some days it’s just awfully hard to see it.
    Although, with such a cute dogwalker right in front of you, it’s not hard to miss at all 😉

  4. Lindsey says:

    Oh, Alana, what an inspiration you are – a model of truth and honesty and bravery and strength. Thank you for being in my life! I mean it. I can’t wait to hear about your new projects.

  5. Christa says:

    Love the dogwalker and her outfit! So many things to make your heart full…

    Thanks for the push – my Sunday Stroll will be my contribution to the Joyfest…

    And do tell re: the projects!

    Love to you….

  6. Pamela says:

    Oh I love this! It’s so inspiring and beautiful! You’re a full on Reiki Master now? That is awesome!


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