7 Keys to Creating a Magical Life

Today’s episode is a short one. It’s just me and I’ve got two things to share. The first is that the podcast is going on hiatus. It’s time for me to focus on the areas of my life that feel extra-magical right now and also on those that could use more magic. I don’t know exactly when the show will be back, but if you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, you’ll be the first to know. All of the shows will continue to be available on iTunes and on http://www.alanasheeren.com, so take the opportunity to catch up on any that you might have missed. I have so much gratitude for those of you who’ve listened to the show, whether it’s one episode or every single one. Thank you.

I also wanted to share some of what I’ve learned about creating and living a magical life, from my own experience, from my work with clients and from the more than 60 interviews I’ve done here on the podcast. 

What you’ll hear in today’s brief episode:

  • Seven keys to creating and living a magical life:
    • Awareness
    • Presence
    • Compassion
    • Connection
    • Stillness
    • Action
    • Love
  • In challenging situations, ask, “What would LOVE do?” Love always answers truthfully.
  • The basics of the recipe for living a magical life.
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